• Quick & Efficient Circulation Operations
  • Uncompromised Security for Library Items
  • Tracking of unauthorized movement
  • Seamless Stock Management
  • Reduced Manual Operation
  • Emerging Technology Experience for Library Staff & Users

Key Components

  • Anti Theft Security Gate
  • Self Check in Check out Kiosk
  • Multi-purpose Staff Station
  • Book Drop-box
  • Handheld Readers
  • Tagging Station
Category EM RFID EM + RFID
Security High Medium
(Can be shielded by metals)
Very High
Speed of Circulation Slow
(Single book is borrowed)
Multi-book borrow/return
Multi-book borrow return with parallel processing
Configuration & Usage EM Strips RFID Labels EMID (EM + RFID) Double Function label
EM Anti-Theft Security Gate RFID Anti-Theft Security Gate EMID Double Function Anti-Theft Security Gate
EM Staff Station RFID Staff Station EMID Double Function Staff Station
EM Self-Check Station RFID Self-Check Station EMID Double Funtion Self-Check Station