Library management solutions from e-cartes enables institutions and organizations in managing their libraries and ensure that the manual operations are reduced, stock management is accurate, technology enablement is done with devices like RFID enabled handheld or electromagnetic scans themovement and update library records on real time.

Library management solution Features:

  • Data conversion: easily converts the barcode items into RFID tags for migrating the barcode data to RFID enabled data
  • Efficient library management: the LMS enables reading stock data, enables the updates of check-in & check-out stock on real time and giving full control on the stock, issue data for efficient library management
  • Processing records in real time with possibility to run 24*7 operation through drop boxes which can be updated once the librarian scans the RFID tag while processing.
  • Fully compatible and synchronisation possible with central library system or issuer.
  • Fast inventory management
  • Anti-theft management by triggering alarm for items which are not scanned.
  • Timeless design to cover wider entrances with 3 D detection range and customized alarm setting
  • Reduces staff work-load
  • Reduction in queue up time and offering privacy with self-checkout points through kiosk deployment
  • Optimizes book circulation because data availability on a seamless and accurate stock status


The deployment of the Library management solution could be enabled through either electromagnetic (EM) devices to scan or RFID devices to read the data or can be EM + RFID  in association. EM works as a best tool for exit points to validate if the product is going without the system data updated or not on the LMS and works as a best tool for anti-theft.


  • Quick & Efficient Circulation Operations
  • Uncompromised Security for Library Items
  • Tracking of unauthorized movement
  • Seamless Stock Management
  • Reduced Manual Operation
  • Emerging Technology Experience for Library Staff & Users

Key Components

  • Anti Theft Security Gate
  • Self Check in Check out Kiosk
  • Multi-purpose Staff Station
  • Book Drop-box
  • Handheld Readers
  • Tagging Station
Category EM RFID EM + RFID
Security High Medium
(Can be shielded by metals)
Very High
Speed of Circulation Slow
(Single book is borrowed)
Multi-book borrow/return
Multi-book borrow return with parallel processing
Configuration & Usage EM Strips RFID Labels EMID (EM + RFID) Double Function label
EM Anti-Theft Security Gate RFID Anti-Theft Security Gate EMID Double Function Anti-Theft Security Gate
EM Staff Station RFID Staff Station EMID Double Function Staff Station
EM Self-Check Station RFID Self-Check Station EMID Double Funtion Self-Check Station