RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that uses communication via radio waves to exchange data between a reader device and an electronic tag which could be either on a paper or metal. We strive towards exploring the same and building up a resourceful environment through which any organization or individual will surely benefit. RFID solutions combined with mobile computing and web technologies provide an ideal way for organizations to identify and manage their assets and resource.

RFID Tags:

  • RFID Paper Tag: We provide a range of RFID paper labels in various sizes consisting white matte finish and rides on a RFID chip supplied from trusted chip maker. Our tabs are designed to work with a variety of use cases- including inserted inlays in flexible sizes, materials and adhesives which are ideal for on-demand printing and encoding of item-level RFID labels with customized printing.
  • Metal Tags: Metal tags are designed for metal as well as non-metal objects and surfaces. The thin and flexible tag suits curved and flat surfaces and offers a possibility to create wonderful solution for end users. These tags are packaged within a hard shell to make it safe from impact, moisture and extreme temperatures.

RFID Readers:

  • Fixed RFID Readers: Fixed RFID readers are designed to meet high service standards and security in various business processes and standards. These readers are fixed either at the entry gate /exit gate for monitoring people and vehicle movement. RFID is also used extensively in the supply chain management to track movement of material.
  • Handheld RFID Readers: Handheld RFID readers are used for reading tags and labels with a Bluetooth, or wire connecting the hardware to devices such as mobile, Computer for tracking items, specifically are used in the retail or warehouses or at heavy industries


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RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification)

Faster & Accurate Reading Slower & Imprecise Reading
Multiple tag scanning in one go One by one scanning
Automated Scanning Process in multiple directions Requires manual effort, and a direct line of sight
Read/Write memory capability No memory available
Better Range Limited Range
High Data Storage Limited Data Storage
Possibility of re-using tags & labels Tags are one-time use