Active RFID is a technology that uses a RFID enabled tag with own source of power battery and has the capability to run the micro-chip and communicate the signal to the reader (similar to how a mobile connects with the cellular network)

In todays’ complex multi-location technology enabled business situation, the capability to automate asset management helps organizations in scaling up the productivity. Active RFID tags provide some value addition to the automation process by sharing data across locations to help track the personnel, count, time, location besides other data which enables the manufacturer to trace the product location to efficiently manage and plan production.

Active RFID solution work with an identity which is the same across locations and factories and with the help of RFID tag, allows the data availability to the billing or manufacturing planning process.

Advantages RFID Tags:

  • Enables asset location services and status
  • Enhances process control and helps in managing asset lifecycle.
  • Efficiently retrieves the inventory status
  • Eliminates redundancy and over purchasing- specifically for products which has complex manufacturing
  • Efficiently manages supply chain and tracking items once they have moved out of the company premise- for example a tyre manufacturing company can track all RFID tag enabled tyres unsold in the market on real time basis and put in marketing boosters to make it move.
  • Product life management including expiry management