Visitor & Vehicle management system that we deploy helps in managing visitors & vehicle parking and ensuring the security points are having full control of the premise with the visitor & vehicle data which is made available to the security staff through the RFID system enabled at the premise to read the visitor & vehicle data upon entry and exit.

A Successful V&VMS Ensures

  • Digital record keeping
  • 3 factor authentication
  • Delights the visitor with a hassle free entry and exit from the premise.

Advantage Visitor & Vehicle Management Solution (V&VMS):

  • Our V&VMS systems can be deployed in multi-tiered system where there are many security or check points.
  • Allowing entry to only authorized or verified visitors & vehicle
  • Recording entry and exit time
  • Management of visitor & vehicle parking
  • Safe from intrusion or un-authorized persons’ entry into the premise
  • safety and security of the peoples residing or working in the premise