Passport Authentiscan Solutions

We all are aware of the fact that how important it is to reach our destination safely while we are traveling through aerospace. Passport authentiscan is another crucial part of ensuring passengers’ security. How? Just imagine can all people traveling across borders be authentic and genuine? The answer would be surely, ‘No’. Just imagine up in the air a terrorist with a full proof plan to terrorise the destination is sitting next to you. In that case, do you think either you or the residents of the destination you are seeking for can remain secure? And that is what makes Passport Authentiscan so must in order to ensure the safety and security, law and order globally.

AuthentiScanTM is a programmed and extremely dependable resolution for authenticating ID documents letting you decide the authenticity of the document. You easily trace if the document is a counterfeit. Passport AuthentiScanTM enables you to scan, scrutinize and store approximately all either national or international ID/passport documents in circulation.

Passport AuthentiScan™ takes no time to spontaneously scan, validate and record the copies of ID documents. There is this amazing feature to pool an automated check of the MRZ with the eCartes Documentchecker Database™.


  • Innate and user friendly interface
  • So easy to use that even a layman can use it, thus eliminating the need of any sort of dedicated knowledge or training
  • Completely automatic validation of Passport and more

Why eCartes Passport Authentiscan TM

  • Instant customer processing and guaranteed transparency in all dealings
  • Latest data technology
  • Least requirement of blue-collar processing thus augmented traffic-handling
  • Elimination of manual errors
  • Detection and dissuasion of refined ID frauds

Key Features

  • Auto-retrieval, storage and export of ID document data (incl. RFID chip)
  • Audit trail and management reporting tools
  • Available for both online and offline use
  • Data is stored in a secure Database
  • No specialist knowledge or training required
  • Access to Keesing DocumentcheckerTM Database
  • Inspection of 40 +security features (such as watermarks, holograms and UV features)


  • Government Institutions
  • Nuclear Bases & Production Sites
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hotels & Commercial Areas
  • High Security Regions
  • Airport Premises
  • Immigration Departments
  • Defense and Military Bases


Fully Automated Checks

  • Chip validation
  • White (visible), UV and IR light pattern recognition
  • Date of issuance check
  • Issuing authority check
  • MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) check
  • B900 ink (ICAO requirement)
  • Comparison of RFID picture with VIZ photo (Visual Inspection Zone)
  • Document expiry date (and validity)
  • UV (ultraviolet) optical dullness response (ICAO requirement)
  • Comparison of RFID data with MRZ data
  • Comparison of VIZ data with data stored in MRZ
  • Micro-print check
  • Cross check based on name, date of birth, and expiration date

Additional Checks

  • Cross check against reference material stored in Keesing DocumentcheckerTM Database
  • Cross reference check against PEP/Sanction lists or internal blacklists (optional)
  • Right to Work check (optional)
  • Profiling check, including a photo comparison, age check, and signature check
  • Inspection and verification of security features (e.g. white light, UV, IR, photo attachement, imageperf, hologram, watermark and relief)

Passport Reader, audit trail and efficient business processes

AuthentiScanTM uses a passport reader which automatically retrieves data from the document and stores it in a secure database. Users are able to save, print, export and share this data, allowing it to be used in other programs and processes. The system creates a detailed report for each ID document inspected. As a result, you simultaneously create a comprehensive audit trail. AuthentiScanTM offers various options for exporting and reporting data, and stores the following information:

  • Data stored in the RFID chip as well as the physical document
  • A detailed report for each check conducted
  • The status of the ID document (genuine/counterfeit)
  • The images included in the ID document (ultraviolet, infrared)